1. Why does the track and field facility need to be replaced?

The current facility was constructed in 1995 after a private fundraising effort by community members. The track has been resurfaced, but the running surface and field events areas are in dire need of repair. The cracks and cave-ins that have developed in the surface indicate the underlying base needs to be replaced.

The high jump and pole vault aprons, as well as the discus netting, are too small. The long jump and triple jump runways are not level with the landing pits, and the shot put circle does not meet standards.

The condition of the venue has deteriorated to the point that BHS can no longer hold competitions safely.

  1. How much will it cost to build a new facility?

In 2016, the Brunswick School Department engaged an architectural firm, Huntress Associates of Andover, MA to prepare a plan for renovation of the current facility. The cost is estimated at $900,000. This design will remove the surface and subsurface of the track and field event areas; create an eight-lane track with two, eight-lane straightaways; and upgrade and standardize the field event areas.

  1. Who will benefit from a new Track and Field facility?

The Track and Field facility at BHS has functioned as a public benefit since its construction and will continue to do so once renovated. The facility is essential for the BHS Track and Field team during their spring season. It is used by other BHS sports teams for training and conditioning, as well as by high school physical education classes to instill lifelong fitness habits for all students. The Brunswick Junior High School Track and Field team also uses the facility for practices and meets. The Brunswick Parks and Recreation Department uses the facility for its summer track program that involves participants from 6-14 years old. Simply put, it is a vital community resource that is available to all residents of Brunswick.

  1. Why support Track and Field?

The sport of Track and Field is uniquely inclusive in that it welcomes people of all backgrounds, body types, and talents (endurance, strength, etc). Nationally, it is the most popular sport for high school girls in terms of participation, and the second most popular sport for boys. Track and Field provides athletes both a team-based and individual-based sports experience.